Steve and Anna, met in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004 and in 2017 they moved to the beautiful coastal town of Dunsborough with their three children - Markus, Leah & Esben.

They are both well-travelled, love being inspired and experiencing different cultures and their cuisines. Having lived for a big part of their lives in Denmark, they are inspired by the Scandinavian approach to living, characterised by minimalism and quality.

Steve, a trained Chef from Perth, moved to Copenhagen to further his career and connect with his family roots. He worked at a number of establishments - ranging from fine dining restaurants, private cheffing for the Australian Embassy, Copenhagen gourmet delicatessen, and had two successful businesses in Copenhagen - including a premium take home meals company called WoodenSpoon. 

Anna brings her organisational and leadership skills from a varied range of contexts, mainly focusing on training, product development and project management. 

Merchant & Maker would not be possible without a dedicated team of chefs, baristas, self taught passionate cooks, hospitality legends and energetic juniors.

Everyone plays an important role to ensure the consistency and quality of coffee and house made products, as well as providing amazing customer service and Hygge.

Merchant & Maker aims to offer a welcoming space with a great selection of house made breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as a carefully selected range of products from near and not so far away.   


The Danish art to coziness and happiness.

In the spirit of Hygge, we're on a mission to make our space a home away from home, where coziness meets warmth and our tables become a place for shared stories and lingering conversations. ⁠⁠